Supplier Administrator Registration
Please note that the Aerospace Supplier Portal has been decommissioned.

To access equivalent, and the below applications:

(PDM, APSL, ASI, ECATS, ESA, KC DB, MCI, NETINSPECT, SPC ENTRY) please utilize the Honeywell Supply Chain Collaboration site available at the following address:

Welcome to the Honeywell Supplier Portal, this site will allow Honeywell's internal Integrated Supply Chain professionals to share information, interact/collaborate, and ultimately form closer relationships with Honeywell's external supply base.  Existing at the portal-level will be the features/functions that can be leveraged across multiple Honeywell business units (e.g., architectural components, corporate applications, corporate-wide content, utilities/tools, etc.) as well as links to Honeywell business unit unique items (e.g., specific business unit web sites/applications/data/information).

Supplier Administration Registration
Honeywell initially grants access to this site by creating an account for one designated administrator at each company.  This individual is responsible for maintaining user profiles for employees within their company that require access.  This includes initial creation, password resets, and removal of profiles no longer needed.  Please have your designated administrator complete a request for access.

Click here to submit a request!

Please note this request for access is for the Supplier Scorecard, AMPL, eSAVE and Delegated Admin tools.

Once submitted, the request is routed for processing.  Typically processing time is 2-3 business days.